Cryogenic Equipment Maintenance & Rehabilitation

City Machine & Welding, Inc. (CMW) is engaged in the inspection and testing, certification or repair of cryogenic vessels. We offer a full line of cryogenic equipment maintenance and repair service including vacuum investigation and complete rehabilitation projects.

CMW's main focus lately has been on the liquid helium containers. CMW rehabilitates, repairs and retests 56,781 L (15,000 gal) over the road helium trailers and 41,640 L (11,000 gal) UN Portable tanks in 40 ft ISO frame. These containers comply with a multitude of international codes and standards and operate around the world.

CMW's capabilities on the cryogenic equipment include the following.

  • CSC Inspection - 5 Yr / 2.5 Yr
  • Frame Repair/Replacement on ISO Containers
  • Vacuum Investigation
  • Helium Mass Spectrometry
  • Liquid Container Repair and Piping
  • Valves / Pressure Relief Device Rebuild/Replacement
  • PVIK Inspection
  • Commercial DOT Inspection
  • Accident Repair
  • Basic Preventive Maintenance
  • 5th Wheel Plate & King Pin
  • Suspension Work (springs, axles, wheel seals, bearings and sub-frame replacement)
  • Brake Jobs
  • Air System
  • 12 Volt Lighting and Electrical Systems
  • Floor & Deck Replacement
  • Complete Blast and Paint Jobs
  • Custom Decaling/Lettring
  • Pressure Vessel Repair