Products & Services

Tube Trailer

CMW is a world leader in design, fabrication & requalification of compressed gas transportation equipment also known as "tube trailer". Tube trailers manufactured by CMW are optimized for maximum payload. Our trailers and chassis are designed in such a way that the weight distributions on the axles are optimized for the bridge law requirements. CMW is accredited by various national and international regulatory bodies.

Multiple Element Gas Container (MEGC)

CMW designs and manufactures high quality ISO modules known as Multiple Element Gas Container (MEGC). MEGCs manufactured by CMW are accredited by various national and international regulatory bodies. MEGCs designs have been approved by impact testing and other appropriate testing methods making them eligible for certifications such as IMDB, CSC, and ADR/RID. MEGC involves mounting of pressure vessels (tubes) in a ISO type shipping container frame.

Cryogenic Equipment Maintenance & Rehabilitation

City Machine & Welding, Inc. (CMW) is engaged in the inspection and testing, certification or repair of cryogenic vessels. We offer a full line of cryogenic equipment maintenance and repair service including vacuum investigation and complete rehabilitation projects.


City Machine & Welding, Inc. (CMW) holds AMSE “U” and NBIC “R” certifications for the fabrication and repair of ASME Welded Pressure Vessels. CMW employs modern manufacturing methods, including CADD/CAM, for the fabrication and repair of equipment for industries such as Compress Gas, Transportation, and Agricultural, as well as many others. CMW’s fabrication facility contains equipment capable of executing small to large scale projects.

Trailer & Chassis Maintenance & Rehabilitation

CMW has expertise in Trailer & Chassis maintenance and rehabilitation which includes the following.

Testing & Inspection

City Machine & Welding, Inc. (CMW) is capable of performing various kinds of testing and inspections. CMW has a long history of performing hydrostatic test on cylinders and over the years the testing methods and equipments have been greatly improved to provide highly accurate results. CMW has expertise in performing Acoustic Emission testing and Ultrasonic Testing methods if the customer prefers to re-qualify cylinders using these methods.